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 SS Business Corporation Limited – SSBCL

SS Business Corporation Limited popularly known as SSBCL has started their journey since 1996 with a vision to be an international leader in service industry. Having the overseas student placement service, SSBCL has started its new dimension ‘SSBCL Group’ as trade name with several companies in 2006.
Very shortly the SSBCL Group has achieved a mountain height reputation in the domestic theatre with its competency against the multi dimensional business projections. Following the same image track, it has also received a true professional caliber at the international arena.




SSBCL achievements in Education Sector

Realizing of awareness building initiatives to Bangladeshi students to study  in  abroad SSBCL  have wide range of experiences with success.  As  a bona fide social light-house for  Bangladeshi students,   SSBCL enhance the student  to  the right way for academic success in abroad,   also  SSBCL  will be the  right  side of students to help them  to  get chance  to  acquire important  intercultural skills while study in abroad,  because SSBCL consider all students as the country’s future leader and thus has received appreciations from home and abroad for outstanding contribution in education sector.




SSBCL is not only engaged in overseas placement of students, but also honored with the distributorship of UNESCO endorsed extremely digitalized and versatile ISIC Cards for the students of Bangladesh. International Student Identity Card (ISIC) in the only internationally accepted proof of bona fide student status. This card will open the sphere of introducing Bangladeshi students with the largest world student community of ISIC. It is not only mere a card; rather it is a high-end solution for most of the students’ requirements as well as very instrumental for the educational institutions.

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MA E-Shop


MA E-Shop is an online based shopping service powered by SSBCL Group. Online shopping by SSBCL is most secured online based shopping service. Easy and secured payment method. High end transaction gateway with no hidden charge. Verified web based service and Secured Socket Layer (SSL) included.




SSBCL-Dhaka and the EURASIA Institute for International Education (EIIE), Berlin, initiated German Resource Centers in Bangladesh to place Bangladeshi student to German universities in a proper way at a minimum cost. From now on, the students will get German language education (A1, A2, B1 from GRC). Teachers from Germany will conduct the German language courses and examiners from Germany will certify the students after testing. EIIE and SSBCL are jointly setting up a German Resource Center (GRC) at different location in Bangladesh.

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SSBCL Travel & Tourism is a well equipped service oriented company established in the year 2005 to provide services in various fields related to travel and tourism. In this modern age Tourism industry has achieved a vibrant role in the service sector throughout the world to be a small participant. SSBCL lunched its Travel and Tourism with a view to provide most enjoyable and attractive services to many destination of the world. We began our journey embracing policy to provide all classes of traveler the highest quality services at the lowest cost. We communicate our customers to deliver the world class support working round the clock to make the holidays and vacation more safe, sound and comfortable. 

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